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Just Another Geek's Website

There comes a time in every geek's life where he discovers he is meant for more...meant for greatness. So he must embark on a great adventure that will test him in every way imaginable...building a personal website.

Self Taught

I developed a love for building websites at a young age. As I grew older I decided I would teach myself how to code. Learning to code freed me from the constraints of simplistic templates and enabled me to build whatever I could imagine.

Vast World of Programming

As I got into programming I discovered a world that was as expansive as the real world. That is when I decided to start my journey into programming by learning C#.

Breaking the Norm

Continuing my journey in programming I decided I did not want to be like the rest of my peers, so I set out to get a job as a web developer. However, in order to do so I needed to take on the challenge of learning a new language: PHP!

Let's Be Friends

We have to stick together as developers. The world is dark and full of "unfixable" bugs. I know how it feels to encounter what seem like insurmountable challenges. Sometimes a set of new eyes can help. Sometimes simply talking it through can help. Either way feel free to reach out to a fellow developer!

Coding Experience

In the path to greatness every geek must choose the weapons he (or she!) will use to conquer any task he encounters. These weapons, however, are not made from wood and steel. Rather, they are are made from if statements and while loops, classes and methods, scripts and cascades. The weapons I have chosen to continue my adventure with are C#, PHP, HTML, SCSS, JavaScript and WordPress. With these I am able to overcome any challenge that may come my way.

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