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At a young age I discovered the wonderful form of media called the Website. I spent many early hours before school to build websites dedicated to topics that interested me. I would use whatever resources I could find that would allow me to build the best websites that I could. As I grew older I began to find that I could not build the websites to the specifications that I wanted. I was stuck. I wanted to build things the way I wanted, but was limited by what resources I had available to me. So I researched, and I opened up the wonderful world of Web Development. At first the field seemed so daunting To someone who was only just beginning to learn how to program, the sheer number of languages and platforms was hard to comprehend. But as the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. My first step was in C#, but I didn’t stop there….


The first programming language I learned was C#. While I don’t use it everyday now, C# and the sites I used it to build still have a special place in my heart.


The language I currently use in each day is PHP. Most of the websites in my portfolio were developed using PHP.


Though I’ve worked with Umbraco and plan to learn many others platforms, I have the most experience working with WordPress. In case you didn’t notice, this site is built using WordPress

Of course, development is not all I do. I am involved in numerous activities both in and out of school. As the Cyber Operations Officer and the Commander for the Golden Strikers Drill team, I am a Cadet Lieutenant Colonel in the Oh-771 Unit of the JROTC. This experience has helped me to develop into a better leader and led me to be selected as a delegate to attend buckeye boys state. There I learned more about leadership, specifically in government positions, and it gave me valuable tools that I use now and will continue to use throughout my career.

I learned a great deal throughout High school and while participating in events like Buckeye Boys State and Cadet Leadership School (JROTC’s boot camp equivalent). I performed to the best of my ability and graduated with distinction from Cadet Leadership School. All of these experiences have impressed upon me the importance of hard work and good leadership in the workforce.